Pello Reparaz is a musician, composer and producer born in Arbizu, working on the road and at the recording studio for more than a decade.

He begins his musical studies at the age of five and his trombone studies at eight. At thirteen he is up on stage for the first time. After having participated in several projects and taken part in various formations, at the age of 17 he founds the band Vendetta together with four other members. From then on, they have performed more than 500 concerts not only throughout the state, but also in countries like Switzerland, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Turkey, and Southern Sahara. He is currently immersed in “Abducted Tour 2018” introducing their latest album.

He writes his first songs in 2007 and he first gets in touch with music production while recording those songs in a professional studio. Apart from six studio albums, he has also composed the soundtracks of several audio-visual works. In September 2016 he finally gets immersed in the production world, arranging and producing the entire album “Bother”, which contains 10 songs. Later, he produced the albums of “Baloreak” and “El Muerto Vivo”. He is currently working on the production of two new albums of other bands that will be released in 2019 as well as composing, recording and producing the soundtrack of a new documentary.

In 2017 he moved to London to do the ‘Masters in Songwriting’ at ICMP (Institute of Contemporary Music and Performance). Nowadays he lives flying between the Basque Country and the United Kingdom focused on songwriting and production.

Now, he just presented ZETAK: A multidisciplinary project that will be entirely released along 2019.

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It is in Music, perhaps, that the soul most nearly attains the great end for which, when inspired by the Poetic Sentiment, it struggles: the creation of supernal Beauty (Edgar Allan Poe).



2018 – “Baloreak” (Baloreak)

2016 – “Bother” (Vendetta)

2014 – “Testigos de la memoria” (Aranzadi, Hegoa & UPV)

2014 – “13 Balas” (Vendetta)

2013 – “SUA: Berpiztearen elektrosinfonia” (Arbizuko Herria)

2013 – “Oroitzapenetan” (Saharari Kantari)

2012 – “Fuimos, Somos y Seremos” (Vendetta)

2011 – “Puro Infierno” (Vendetta)

2009 – “Vendetta” (Vendetta)

2008 – “Bueltarik Gabe” (Kaleginez)

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